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Overvoltage Protection Relay, ABS for your car

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Learn more about Overvoltage Protection Relay, ABS - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

One of possible defects of ABS overvoltage protection relay is its lifetime ending. Mechanical damage or power surges may cause total breakdown of component or its shape changing and functional failures.

How to detect lifetime ending of ABS overvoltage protection relay

Car owner can detect defects by the following signs:

  • unusual sounds in engine room;
  • ABS fault indicator on dashboard is turned on and stays active;
  • ABS fault indicator blinks.

Complex diagnostics of component is performed with the help of special equipment. For this procedure you should apply to service station. But if you have tools, experience and technical knowledge you can perform the diagnostics on your own. To do so, you should demount relay and connect wires to it from car battery terminals. After voltage applying relay should make clicking sound if it is functioning correctly. Otherwise, it should be replaced with a new one.

Causes of lifetime ending of ABS overvoltage protection relay

Most common cause of the part's wear-out are power surges in a car electric system. There are other factors causing malfunctions, such as:

  • low component quality;
  • production defect;
  • deformations or contacts burning;
  • contacts oxidation;
  • physical impact;
  • installation or servicing failures.
How to prevent lifetime ending of ABS overvoltage protection relay

Relay failures cause electronic control unit (ECU) damaging and ABS malfunction. It is very important to perform due-time diagnostics of component, and, if necessary, replace it  with a new one after defect signs are found.

Follow next recommendations in order to prevent premature component wear-out:

  • avoid generator and battery contacts soiling and oxidizing; it will help to prevent voltage surges;
  • disconnect wires from battery terminals during welding jobs on car body;
  • do not disconnect electrical connectors of units while engine is running;
  • entrust component installation to service station specialists.
How to sele ABS overvoltage protection relay

It is necessary to select new component according to car manufacturer recommendations. Proper functioning of ABS, comfort and safety of the driver depends on a new component correct operation. Our online-shop offers wide range of car parts at affordable prices. Here you will find spare parts that will serve you for long. Apply to AutoDoc company, if you need quality parts for car repair. Easy website interface will make your components search comfortable. If you have any questions during shopping, our technical support specialists will give you all the answers.

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