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Brand product - Wheel Bearing Kit SKF
SKF Wheel Bearing Kit VKBA 6717 cheap

SKF Wheel Bearing Kit

Number of article: VKBA 6717
Use number: VKBA 6717
EAN: 7316575717704
  • Rim Hole Number: 5
  • Flange Ø [mm]: 150
  • SKF: Wheel Bearing Kit
  • Item number: VKBA 6717
  • Our price: 75,96 £
  • ConditionNew
  • Manufacturer part number: VKBA 6717
  • Manufacturer: SKF
  • EAN number: 7316575717704
  • Construction year to : This characteristic varies depending on the car model.

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£ 75,96

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alt_bearingsbox This kit contains a bearing for one wheel

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ОЕМ number

OEM reference number(s) comparable with the original spare part number

Suitable vehicles
  • CHRYSLER 300C Saloon (LX) (Year of Construction 09.2004 - 11.2012, 177 - 431 PS, Diesel, Petrol)
  • CHRYSLER 300C Touring (LX) (Year of Construction 09.2004 - 12.2010, 177 - 431 PS, Diesel, Petrol)
  • DODGE Challenger Coupe (Year of Construction 09.2007 - ..., 253 - 477 PS, Petrol)
  • DODGE Charger VI (LX) (Year of Construction 06.2005 - 12.2010, 192 - 431 PS, Petrol)
Contents of the Wheel Bearing Kit SKF set:
Description of the product
Number of article
Sealing/Protective Cap
SKF 4779 199 AA, 4779 199 AA Wheel Bearing Kit
SKF VKBA 6717: spare parts with similar characteristics


Article №: ADA108215

Best price guarantee£ 71,93*


Article №: 713 6703 10

£ 117,71*


Article №: CH-WB-12192


Article №: 991611

£ 82,85*


Article №: 8620

* incl. 20% VAT, Delivery from £ 8,45
Major advantages of VKBA 6717 SKF wheel bearing kits
Flange Ø [mm]: 150, Rim Hole Number: 5
WHEEL BEARING KIT № VKBA 6717: Quality control

They conform to OE standards.

SKF Wheel Bearing Kit VKBA 6717

They ensure safe and comfortable driving.

Long service life - Wheel Bearing Kit 7316575717704

They are tightly sealed during the entire useful life.

Wheel Bearing Kit (Art. N.: VKBA 6717) from SKF

They are resistant to corrosion and impact of aggressive chemicals.

WHEEL BEARING KIT № VKBA 6717 - Reliability

They are highly reliable and have excellent operating performance.

WHEEL BEARING KIT № VKBA 6717 - High-tech production

They contain high quality lubricating material.

Wheel Bearing Kit (Art.N.: VKBA 6717) - Solid structure

They have a sturdy and precise design.They are vibration-resistant.

Wheel Bearing Kit (VKBA 6717) from SKF

They include all the necessary components for replacing a wheel bearing.This allows to save on delivery costs.

Wheel Bearing Kit (Art.N.: VKBA 6717) - Quietness

They are distinguished by low noise level during their operation.

Wheel Bearing Kit from SKF Compliant with OE standards

They faultlessly operate in the maximal load conditions.

SKF Wheel Bearing Kit Front Axle
Wheel Bearing Kit SKF

SKF wheel bearing kits are highly demanded among car owners all over the world. The Swedish company SKF is a global leading bearings manufacturer and a partner of such well renowned car makers as Volvo, Volkswagen, FCA, PSA and others. Over 90 million cars in the world are equipped with SKF bearings.

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Shipping method:
Wheel Bearing Kit 7316575717704 Reliable and secure delivery with DHL receive Wheel Bearing Kit VKBA 6717 from UPS Wheel Bearing Kit VKBA 6717 delivered reliably to your door by GHS

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Would you like to learn more about SKF Wheel Bearing Kit ? Read the Wheel Bearing Kit VKBA6717 FAQ and customer reviews!

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