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Car summer tyres

Choosing from 700 high quality Car tyres for summer!
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Summer tyres for passenger cars are intended for operation at the average daily air temperature above +7 °C. The use of such tyres in the cold period may result in loss of elasticity, grip deterioration, and an increased braking distance. The tyres contribute to better steerability and ensure efficient braking both on a dry and wet road surface.

Advantages of using summer tyres for passenger cars

Such models are usually made of high-density hard rubber. This improves the grip on asphalt, has a positive effect on the service life and ensures roadholding ability of the car during manoeuvring. Summer tyres also differ from other tyre types by the tread pattern. In particular, they have a higher number of transverse grooves. This simultaneously contributes to the efficient removal of dirt on wet roads, and to good acceleration dynamics on dry roads. Most models for the warm season feature low noise level and low fuel consumption.

6 tips for choosing and buying

  1. Only install the tyres of those sizes that are recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle. The following is important:
    • Width. The wider the tyre, the better the roadholding ability of the vehicle during emergency braking and manoeuvring. However, wide tyres increase fuel consumption and wear out faster.
    • Diameter. Increasing the diameter has a positive effect on the speed and appearance of the vehicle, and a negative effect on the noise level.
    • Cross-sectional height. Low profile tyres are mainly installed to improve the appearance of the vehicle, while full-profile ones - to improve the level of comfort. The latter, in particular, ensure smoother driving.
  2. Consider the tread pattern. It determines the performance characteristics of the tyres. The catalogue of summer tyres for passenger cars includes the following products:
    • With a symmetrical pattern. It may be directional or non-directional. The tyres of the former type better remove water and mud from the contact patch, those of the latter type are suitable for most urban vehicles.
    • With an asymmetrical pattern. These tyres ensure excellent roadholding ability in all weather conditions, in particular, due to more rigid shoulder blocks.
  3. Check the composition. The base is usually rubber. Silicates, various oils, starches, and other substances are added to it. Some of them allow reducing the rolling resistance coefficient and fuel consumption, some improve the grip.
  4. Order summer tyres for passenger cars in accordance with the operating conditions. So, there are highway and urban models. The former have high speed rating, the latter minimize the risk of hydroplaning. The tyres that can remove water most efficiently are often marked "Rain" or "Aqua".
  5. Ask specialists of our online store about the main characteristics of the product, including the heat resistance grade. It is especially important if you plan to use the tyres in the hot climate or under significant loads.
  6. Make sure that the shelf life of the tyres has not expired. It is usually about five years from the date of manufacture.

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