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Grinding wheels help to widen the range of functions of the equipment. With their help, it is possible to sharpen tools, cut metal, sand and polish surfaces.

What are the types of grinding wheels?

By intended purpose:

  • Cut off wheels. The work element in these wheels is a face (cutting edge). They are intended for cutting small metal parts.
  • Wire. They look like a disc-shaped metal brush with knot or crimped wire. Perfect for removing old paint from the car body.
  • Grinding. Have an abrasive surface. Efficient for removing irregularities of spares. Used for cleaning welds, for instance.
  • Polishing. Made of felt or any other soft fabric. Used when performing finishing works. Make car parts look smooth and shiny. Suitable for polishing paintwork.
  • Sharpening. Intended for rough treatment of metal components. Also used for sharpening the blades of various tools.

Tips on using grinding wheels

It is allowed to use the wheels with the dimensions stated by the manufacturer. The inappropriate diameter of a replacement part might cause an injury. Besides, accessories should always comply with the features of the target surface.

Use personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves, a respirator.

Avoid heating painted body parts or plastic spares while polishing them. Otherwise, the colour and texture of the paint might alter and plastic components can melt on the surface.

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Grinders are useful for coping with a wide range of tasks. Especially, if you have a variety of replacement heads. We recommend you to buy a set of grinding wheels so that you could have all the necessary things at your hand. Moreover, purchasing several items at once you save the delivery costs. Thanks to low prices for all our products, you’ll be able to get even more for the same amount of money. To get detailed information about each item, its compatibility with the electric tool of a certain model, current promotions and delivery terms, get in touch with our specialists.

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