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Wire brushes are special tools designed for cleaning the spares before painting them, applying rust inhibitors or any other kinds of works. Make it easier to remove corrosion products, old paint, mill scale, stubborn stains.

What are the types of wire brushes?

By intended purpose, there are tools for:

  • Metal. They help to clean the car bottom, remove the paint from the surface of the body and are used for treating the welds.
  • Rubber. Their bristles are covered with polyurethane and have a mild effect on the treated surface. These tools are often used for preparing tyres for maintenance.

Depending on the design, there are:

  • Hand. Are inexpensive and ensure precise and careful cleaning. Suitable for treating small areas.
  • Spindle mounted. Such brushes are attached to grinders or drills. They are effective against stubborn stains, comfortable for cleaning large areas. They can have a shape of a disc, cup, conical or end brushes.

The bristles of the items can be made of:

  • Twist knot wire. They are used for rough cleaning, for example, for treating the welds and help to remove ingrained stains and a thick layer of corrosion.
  • Crimped wire. They are suitable for eliminating slight contaminants, do not damage lower surface layers and are used for texturing the material. They make burrs smooth.

The wires can be of a different diameter. The wider it is, the more aggressive the effect the brush has on the processed part and vice versa.

Tips on using wire brushes

The thickness of wire should be chosen taking into account the features of the material, type and volume of work in order not to avoid the surface. It is desirable to start with a wire brush fitted with thinner bristles. After that, you should evaluate the result and, if necessary, use the spindle mounted or hand brush with the bristles of a larger diameter. In case a drill or grinder are used, it is important to see that the part is securely attached.

While performing the works, do not press the tool against the surface too hard. There is a risk of damage and premature wearing out.

Cleaning should be done with goggles, protective mask or respirator on. Small particles of discharged products are dangerous for eyes and airways. Some types of works involve the preliminary application of chemical compounds such as paint softeners or rust converters.

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