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Replacement of Muffler: Video repair guide
How to replace an end silencer on MERCEDES-BENZ 190 W201 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace an end silencer on MERCEDES-BENZ 190 W201 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC Top brands that produce end silencer: BOSCH, STARK, SACHS, SKF, VAN...

Step by Step Video Tutorial for Do-it-yourself Auto Repair. Become an amateur mechanic with Autodoc.

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  • Original AKS DASIS Muffler
  • Original ASMET Muffler
  • Original AUGER Muffler
  • Original AUTOMEGA Muffler
  • Original BLUE PRINT Muffler
  • Original BOSAL Muffler
  • DT
  • HJS
  • MTS
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Learn more about Muffler - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Silencer is an important component of a modern car, its mission is to transform and dispose of exhaust gases into the atmosphere. Stable operation of the exhaust system and engine depends on its quality.

Silencer types:
  • stainless steel;
  • carbon steel;
  • aluminized steel;
  • galvalume steel.
The silencer construction

The main silencer is a complex structure. The housing of high quality metal contains several tubes. Between them there are chambers formed by baffles (labyrinth type). Passing through the silencer, exhaust gases repeatedly change their direction.

The tube diameter can be a single value throughout the length or decrease toward the exit. They are designed to dampen low frequency sounds. The space between the tubes can be filled with sound-absorbing material - basalt fiber.

Operation Tips

The silencer is attached to the bottom of the car. This arrangement exposes it to chemical impact, moisture, and mechanical damage. To extend the part’s life, which depends entirely on the operation style, it is necessary to avoid off-road conditions and regularly check the mountings.

Silencer faults
  • corrosion and mechanical damage;
  • burn-out of noise-attenuating material or the housing of the silencer;
  • free play.
Symptoms of faulty silencer
  • high levels of noise, vibration;
  • unpleasant, suffocating odor in the cabin;
  • there are traces of soot or carbon on the underbody;
  • spasmodic type of engine rpm;
  • frequent failure of the catalyst.
Causes of silencer faults:
  • loosening of connection with other elements of the exhaust system;
  • force impact
  • violation of the operation rules;
  • hitting the bottom against the road surface;
  • the impact of external factors;
  • installation of defective parts;
  • end of service life.
Silencer repair and replacement

Small holes in the rear silencer housing can be fixed by welding a thin metal plate. Patching is a temporary measure, and a full repair should be performed as soon as possible. It should be noted that such measures could cause a decrease in engine power, change the sound of the exhaust. If the inner material has burned out, it is necessary to install a new part. Due to the high complexity of work, the necessary knowledge, experience and special tools, silencer replacement is done at a service station.

Advantages of working with us

In our shop there are different types of silencers made of high quality material for any car make and model. We have all kinds of payment and delivery options, including “hand to hand”. We are sure about the quality of every item, so give a guarantee of long-term operation. An experienced specialist can answer all your questions at all times.

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