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Window Seal for your car

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The best-selling replacement parts from the Window Seal section. We have a large selection of spare parts from different brands for Window Seal and further low-price offers in our range of parts

Learn more about Window Seal - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Glass rubber seals serve for protection against dirt and moisture ingress into the passenger compartment and improve sound insulation. The seals can be internal and external.

Defects of glass rubber seals

These components are consumables and often fail due to service life limit. Careless maintenance or frequent off-road driving can also cause their damage. Extremely low temperature also has negative impact on rubber seals condition.

If seals failed, you need to replace them promptly. You can handle replacement easily on your own. If you have necessary skills and tools, new component installation won’t take much of your time. You will have to remove the door trim to take off the internal seals carefully. This is true for most vehicles, and this may be the difficulty, if you are new in DIY car repair. In such cases, it is better to seek assistance at a service station.

If possible, buy only high-quality rubber seals, because constant abrasive effect of dirt particles can cause damage to the glass and the window raisers.

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