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Check Engine on the dashboard: causes of the indicator activation and ways of troubleshooting

Check Engine is an indicator that signals failures in the engine or related systems performance. In modern vehicles it informs about ignition system or automatic transmission failures, change in the engine rpm for a certain period or the combustion mixture and so on.

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Power steering fluid: how to choose and change it

The power steering system is intended to last the entire lifetime of a car, but only if it doesn't have any fluid leaks. Using substandard fluid or not replacing it regularly are the most common causes of power steering defects. Read our article to learn how to avoid mistakes when choosing and replacing the hydraulic fluid.

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Brake disc overheating: symptoms, causes, solutions

One of the most common brake disc defects is overheating. In case of overheating, the disc temperature reaches critical values, causing the brake pad to slip on the disc and reducing the efficiency of the brake system to a minimum.

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