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OSRAM XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE Bulb, spotlight  D1S (gas discharge tube) 85V 35W PK32d-2 6000K Xenon

Article number: 66140CBI
  • Lamp Type: D1S (gas discharge tube)
  • Rated Power [W]: 35
  • Voltage [V]: 85
  • Socket Type: PK32d-2
  • Self-service suited packaging see parts list
  • Light Design: Xenon
  • Colour Temperature [K]: 6000
  • OSRAM: Bulb, spotlight
  • Item number: 66140CBI
  • Our price: 64,12 £
  • Manufacturer part number: 66140CBI
  • Manufacturer: OSRAM
  • EAN number: 4008321401472
  • Condition  New

  • Use number: OSRAM D1S
  • EAN: OSRAM 4008321401472
  • 2

    years warranty

  • 14

    14 Days Returns Policy

  • 200

    Safe Order 200 days

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Suitable motorcycles
Compatibility with commercial vehicles
OSRAM D1S Bulb, spotlight
Major advantages of the 66140CBI OSRAM light bulbs
SS suited packaging see parts list: , Socket Type: PK32d-2, Rated Power [W]: 35
Bulb, spotlight OSRAM 4008321401472

Optimal balance of price and performance.

OSRAM 66140CBI Bulb, spotlight

Service life that is three times longer than other market alternatives.

OSRAM D1S (Bulb, spotlight)

Durable design.It allows to withstand high loads.

Bulb, spotlight OSRAM 66140CBI

A stylish appearance due to a silver cap.

headlight OSRAM D1S

A long light cone.It helps to see an obstacle in time.

OSRAM 4008321401472 Bulb, spotlight

They conform to OE standards.

OSRAM 66140CBI fog light

A patented technology of dual colour filter.It minimises reflected glare.

OSRAM 66140CBI - Bulb, spotlight

Gold-plated contacts.It guarantees high conductivity and corrosion resistance.

OSRAM 66140CBI - headlight

High quality road illumination.It provides high levels of safety.

OSRAM car parts
Bulb, spotlight OSRAM

OSRAM lamps are manufactured by the eponymous German company that has been engaged in the production of lighting elements for over 100 years. The company with the annual turnover of 5,5 € billion has 35,000 employees in 17 countries worldwide. Almost half of all cars released in the world come off the production lines with OSRAM lamps.

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