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Rotary tools are used for processing small parts. With the help of these electric tools it is possible to saw, cut, drill, grind, engrave and polish. They usually come together with various tips: drill bits, milling cutters, drums, sanding sheets, saws, cutting wheels.

Operating principle

When power is supplied, the motor of a rotary tool converts electrical energy into mechanical. The torque is transferred to the planetary reduction drive and after that to the spindle which is fitted with a tip.

The design of some devices features a flexible shaft. It comprises twisted wire covered with an elastic housing. The latter doesn’t rotate about the device’s body and its tip. The wire is made of a special material which is easy to bend but hard to turn. It ensures the efficient transfer of the torque from the drive shaft to the tip.

Types of rotary tools

The tools vary in power output, rotational speed, dimensions and other characteristics. By the type of power supply, the devices can be divided into:

  • Battery. Suitable for tasks that require high mobility.
  • Mains-powered. Need to be connected to mains supply. Suitable for large volume of work.

By design:

  • With a motor outside the body. These tools are intended for frequent and continuous loads. They feature high power output and torque. They always have a flex shaft.
  • With a built-in motor. The products of this category have both the motor and the tip inside the body. They can be connected to a flex shaft if necessary.

Tips on using rotary tools

Observe the safety regulations. Wear protective goggles, gloves as well as a respirator or a special mask. Before you switch on the device, check if the tip is securely mounted. Besides, it should be compatible with the target material. For example, milling cutters for fiberglass and composite materials should have flutes and those designed for tough metals should have sharp cutting edges and a hard carbon-based coating. The manual supplied with the tool usually explains how to use replacement bits.

When the job is done, it is recommended to clean air inlet and grille of the item. You can use a soft cloth slightly soaked with soap solution.

Worn-out or damaged tips must not be used: they can lead to the failure of the device.

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