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Fuel Level Sensor for your car

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Learn more about Fuel Level Sensor - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

A fuel level sensor is required for indication of level of combustible mixture in the tank.

Types of fuel level sensors

  1. Float type. Made of thin metal, hollow plastic or foam plastic. It always floats on the surface of fuel.
  2. Analog. Its readings are based on the sensor output signal voltage changing when the fuel level in the tank changes.
  3. Digital. The fuel level is measured by an auxiliary electronic board that analyzes sensor readings.
  4. Ultrasonic. The fuel level is measured by an emitter attached to the bottom of the tank. It transmits an ultrasound signal to the electronic module, which processes it, and transmits the information to the dashboard.

Fuel level sensor construction

Most fuel level sensors are made in the form of a metal rod. They are installed into special holes in fuel tanks.

Tips for fuel level sensor operation

The fuel level sensor helps not only monitoring consumption of the combustible mixture, but also diagnosing system malfunctions. One of the most important factors that influence proper operation of the component is its correct installation. Errors during installation may affect negatively the sensor operation, and significantly reduce its service life; they also can make sensor readings incorrect. It is especially important to ensure that:

  • the sensor is installed in the very center of the tank;
  • the probe is mounted 1.5-2 cm above the tank bottom;
  • the amount of sealant used is not excessive;
  • the cable is not mounted near moving or heated parts.

The fuel level sensor should be replaced after every 200000-300000 operational kilometres.

Malfunctions of fuel level sensor

  • contacts oxidation;
  • breakage of cable;
  • mechanical damages of sensor;
  • loss of air-tightness.

Signs of fuel level sensor malfunctions

A faulty fuel level sensor is detected by incorrect readings on the dashboard, or their abrupt change. Other signs can only be detected during component inspection.

Causes of fuel level sensor malfunctions

  • improper installation;
  • vioilation of the sensor operating conditions ;
  • poor quality of the component.

Repair and replacement of fuel level sensor

If signs of fuel level sensor faults are detected without apparent reasons, then the sensor should be adjusted. To do so, manually move the probe to its extreme position, and check the changes on the dashboard. If the fuel level indicator hand does not move, contact a service station to diagnose the component with special equipment.

You can replace the component yourself. To replace the sensor without assistance, you will need a minimal set of tools and basic knowledge and skills in this area. To replace the component, lift the vehicle, or set it over a pit, disconnect the contacts of the old sensor and plug in contacts of a new one.

AutoDoc professional assistance

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