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15669E CASTROL EDGE LL 5W-30, 5l

Article number: 15669E EAN: 4008177111624
Reviews - 64
Trade numbers: CASTROL 5W-30, CASTROL MB 229.31, CASTROL ACEA Light Duty C3, CASTROL Synthetiköl, CASTROL BMW Longlife-04, CASTROL C3, CASTROL MB 229,31, CASTROL MB 229.51, CASTROL Porsche C30, CASTROL MB 229,51, CASTROL VW 504 00, CASTROL VW 507.00, CASTROL VW 507 00, CASTROL VW 505 00, CASTROL VW 505 01, CASTROL VW 507,00
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Compatibility with passenger cars
Major advantages of 15669E CASTROL motor oil

Manufacturer Release: MB 229.31/229.51, Specification: ACEA C3, Oil fan clutch Classification SAE: 5W-30

Transmission fluid CASTROL 5W-30

It is highly resistant to oxidation and high temperature impact.

CASTROL 15669E Manual Transmission Oil

It maintains stability during the entire recommended service life.

CASTROL MB 229.31 - Engine oil

It meets and exceeds the requirements of most industry specifications.

Engine oil CASTROL 15669E

It forms solid oil film.

This minimises contact between metal parts.

CASTROL ACEA Light Duty C3 Engine oil

A guarantee of the stable performance of your engine.

The oil is effective for both petrol and diesel engines.

Engine oil CASTROL 4008177111624

They guarantee faultless cold start of the engine.

Even at subzero temperatures.

Engine oil CASTROL

CASTROL motor oil first entered the market in Great Britain in 1909. It has become synonymous with perfect quality and the choice of millions of car owners. In 1966 Castrol LTd was acquired by the Burmah Oil Company, which joined the BP group in 2000. The Castrol oil is available in over 140 countries worldwide.

Engine oil CASTROL 15669E : Review and evaluation

30 reviews

A.Z. 11.01.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

God quality Used only this oil on my pickups and no problem with engines. Run quite and smoothly. Recommend

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N.P. 27.09.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

A little more expensive but the engine clearly uses less bensin so it's a good choice to go for if one uses the car often.

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D.P. 02.11.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

one of the best oils at the best price. I have been using it for a long time and I recommend it for all vehicles.

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A.P. 29.11.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

It is a bit more expensive but recommended OEM so I'm happy. Keeps the engine running smooth.

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A.F. 23.11.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

One of the best quality.. and that tip recommend Factory of Audi for my Audi.

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A.Z. 18.05.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Works well with my car and the quality, brand and price were very positive

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T.S. 28.10.2020
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Trustworthy name and good reports on the oil quality.

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R.F. 15.07.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

The best oil to preserve the engine

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K.D. 13.09.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Always use Castrol without problem.

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M.P. 25.11.2022
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Good quality! And trusted company!

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R.S. 04.01.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

is the recommended oil by skoda

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V.T. 03.01.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Always use castrol best product

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N.B. 03.10.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

it is recommended by many people

Leave a comment
K.N. 28.03.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

The best VFM oil on the market

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S.B. 17.09.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Is the best oil for VAG group

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I.D. 13.10.2020
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

for kia Sorento um 2.2 diesel

Leave a comment
S.D. 05.05.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Good oul for a good engine.

Leave a comment
A.M. 01.02.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Well Castrol is the best

Leave a comment
G.P. 03.08.2020
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Because is the best oil.

Leave a comment
I.M. 07.09.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

My mechanic recomended

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S.A. 29.01.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Castrol means good oil

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L.S. 23.05.2022
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Perfect oil for my car

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A.T. 11.01.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Best preis

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C.B. 29.03.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

It is a good oil

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K.D. 12.04.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

i think is best

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A.T. 19.10.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

Some good oil

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M.B. 04.09.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

very low price

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K.M. 12.07.2021
Verified purchase
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

it's the best

Leave a comment
A.K. 24.11.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

good quality

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A.A. 18.04.2023
gb Published at autodoc.co.uk

so much good

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