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Honda has gained its international fame as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. Environmentally friendly development has always been one of the policy principles of the Japanese auto giant Honda so it is highly respected by environmentalists.

Honda cars

Japanese engineer, inventor and racing driver Soichiro Honda, since childhood helping his father in the repair shop once set a motor on his bike. Having created a dozen of scooters for his friends, Honda thought of the industrial production. So in 1948, Honda Motor Company was registered, a year later it introduced to the market its first motorcycle called the Dream.

Over the next ten years, Honda became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles, first in Japan and then in the world, at the same time collecting racing trophies. In 1963 the company released the first car, which angered authorities: the Japanese government rightly believed that Honda would eclipse Japanese car brands Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi already existing on the world market,and thereby harm the interests of the country.

Currently, the Honda products are not just cars and motorcycles, presented in different bodies (from sedans to minivans), but also a light aircraft, boats, engines and various buses.

Top 5 Honda models
  1. HONDA CIVIC VIII Hatchback (FN, FK), (01.2006, 140 HP)
  2. HONDA CR-V II (RD_), (07.2002, 150 HP)
  3. HONDA JAZZ II (GD), (03.2002, 83 HP)
  4. HONDA CR-V I (RD), (01.1999, 147 HP)
  5. HONDA ACCORD VII (CL), (01.2004, 140 HP)
Honda Advantages
  • soft suspension;
  • spacious trunk;
  • fancy body design;
  • great fuel economy;
  • high driving smoothness;
  • excellent handling;
  • luxurious interior;
  • maximum safety of the driver and passengers;
  • low level of environmental pollution.

In the latest generation of Honda cars an operating system Android is used, which renders the landscape in detail when the navigation function is on. For the comfort of the passengers in the cabin entertainment system is also provided with a display and playback of DVD.

Top Honda parts

Honda cars traditionally provide an increased level of comfort and safety to their owners which is achieved through the use of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated parts. Accordingly, demand is increased for Honda quality auto parts and the level of service.

Deciding to buy a Honda spare part in our online store, you can not go wrong. Only high-quality components for the entire lineup of Honda, the guarantee from the manufacturer, clear and simple catalog, competent and friendly technical support, affordable prices - this is not a complete list of our benefits.

Do not waste your time on a trip to shops and garages, we have everything you need for your Honda!

Top 12 Car spare parts for HONDA

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