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If a heavy-duty swivel caster is damaged, it’s possible to buy another one and replace it by yourself. It will save you the trouble of buying a new tool trolley at a high price. This spare rotates around its own axis due to the bearing, which makes it easier to move the trolley around the workshop.

What are types of heavy-duty swivel casters?

These accessories differ in a number of characteristics including:

  • Design. Most models comprise a wheel and tyre made of different materials. The first part is a base and the second one gets in contact with the surface on which the cart is moving. Besides, there are solid models made of a single material.
  • Load capacity. For instance, a part can be designed for 200, 400, 1000 kg.
  • Material. Steel, aluminium, polypropylene, polyamide are used for the production of the wheels. Tyres can be made of rubber, polyurethane, phenol formaldehyde resins. The brackets that are used for the attachment are made of steel and reinforced plastic. Metal elements can be painted or covered with a zinc coating.
  • Diameter. As a rule, the larger it is, the better it withstands the contact with obstacles.
  • Operating temperature range. By this criterion, it is possible to distinguish the following groups of products presented in the catalogues:
    • for indoor use;
    • for both indoor and outdoor use;
    • withstanding extreme temperatures.

Tips on using heavy-duty swivel casters

You should mount the accessory following the recommendations of the manufacturer of the tool cart. It is important to make sure that the rotation axis is vertical. Use the swivel casters of one and the same type.

It is not recommended to exceed the load capacity recommended by the manufacturer. Examine the accessories regularly for damages and malfunctions. If a part is out of order, replace it. You should remember that bearings need occasional lubrication.

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