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A toolbox is a multi-compartment item intended for convenient storage and transportation of a large number of tools. It helps to avoid the mess in the garage and keep all the necessary equipment for car repair at your hand.

What are the types of tool boxes?

You can buy models that differ in:

  • Design. For example, you can choose products with roll-out compartments of different size. It is convenient for storing both large and small things there. There are also cantilever toolboxes with slide-out compartments and removable trays presented in the catalogue.
  • With or without lid. Boxes without lid provide a quick access to all the items inside. Items with lids protect tools from dust and moisture better.
  • Number and position of handles. In most cases, there is only one handle. It is attached to the lid or to the side wall. Models with slide-out compartments are equipped with two handles, as a rule.
  • Accessories that make transportation easier. They include swivel casters, telescopic handles, shoulder strap.
  • Material. Metal boxes are robust, resistant to mechanical damage while plastic ones weigh less and are cheap. There are also metal-plastic containers. They can withstand significant loads.
  • Number of compartments. For example, there can be either 3 or 6 of them.

These containers also differ from each other in the dimensions. Some manufacturers offer boxes which can be installed into workbenches of certain models.

Tips on using toolboxes

This accessory must be used according to the manufacturer's instructions. In particular, do not exceed the maximum carrying capacity specified by the manufacturer. It’s undesirable to store metal items in high humidity conditions.

Moving elements need lubricating. Engine oil could be used for that. It is necessary to clean occasionally the items from the inside and outside without using any chemicals.

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