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Toolbox locks provide the security for expensive devices restricting access to them. This accessory also helps to prevent drawers from opening accidentally when the toolbox is being moved.

Types of toolbox locks

  • Blocking. They have a simple design. Such devices do not lock roll-out drawers, but fix them in a certain position to avoid their accidental opening. These tools are characterised by a low price.
  • Locking. Compartments are locked with a key, flat or cylindrical. Depending on the way they are mounted, they can be mortice locks and padlocks. The first are installed into the front door of a certain compartment, the second feature a shackle that goes through the openings of staples attached to the frontal part of the drawers. Among mortice devices, the most popular ones are cam locks: the compartment of a tool cart is locked with a small rotating latch.

In modern online shops, it is also possible to find products fitted with a central lock mechanism that locks all the compartments at once. The design of the devices comprises a long bar with deadbolts that are locked by turning the key.

Tips on using toolbox locks

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not apply force when opening the drawers. You can break the device. If it is hard to unlock the compartment, lubricate the locking mechanism and try again.

Lock the compartments with the original keys only. Using improvised means might result in damaging the mechanism.

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