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Continental Tyres

Choosing from700 high quality Continental Tyres for Passenger car, Light truck, Off-Road/4x4/SUV!
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Continental tires for passenger cars are made by the homonymous German company, which is among the five largest automotive suppliers in the world. The manufacturer not only offers tires but also components of brake systems, engines and multimedia systems.

6 facts about Continental

  1. The company was founded in 1871 in Hannover (German Hannover).
  2. Virtually every third car in Europe is factory-fitted with tires of this brand.
  3. The products of the brand are of the premium segment. They are available in the markets of America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  4. Since 2007, the products have passed over 500 tests initiated by independent periodicals. In 78% of cases, the products received the highest rating.
  5. The company employs over 87 thousand people.
  6. In 2016, the income of the company exceeded 10 billion Euros.

Types of Continental tires for passenger cars

  • AllSeasonContact. These tires ensure excellent grip on snow, and on clean roads. They have low rolling resistance.
  • WinterContact. When creating tires TS 860, 860 TS S, TS 850 P the Liquid Drainage and the Active Layer Band technologies are used to reduce braking distance on the roads covered with ice.
  • ContiVikingContact™ 6. These Continental tires are used in the winter and show good grip on snow.
  • VikingContact™ 7. For manufacturing these winter tires, rapeseed oil is used. It improves the grip.
  • ContiWinterContact™. These tires are used in winter and are divided into:
    • TS 850. They contribute to saving fuel.
    • TS 830. These tires are compatible with modern electronic safety systems.
    • TS 830 P. Due to the central ribs, these tires ensure outstanding braking performance on the ice.
    • TS 810. The asymmetric tread pattern improves steerability.
    • TS 800 and 810 Sport. The rigid shoulder blocks have a positive effect on stability during manoeuvring.
  • SportContact™ 6. These are summer tires. They are created on the basis of the Aralon 350 synthetic material. It stabilizes the position of the vehicle at the speeds of up to 350 km/h.
  • PremiumContact™ 6. These summer tires are made with the use of silica, which improves braking performance and promotes longevity.
  • ContiPremiumContact™ 5. These tires are to be installed in the summer. They adapt to the driving style, which improves steerability.
  • ContiSportContact ™. The Continental catalogue of tires for passenger cars contains summer tires 5 and 5 P. They adapt to the weather conditions, improve traction during manoeuvring, and feature precise reaction to the steering commands.
  • ContiEcoContact™ 5. These are summer tires that improve fuel efficiency.
  • ContiForceContact. These are tires for the warm season with wide circumferential grooves and bidirectional drainage elements. Such configuration has a positive effect on the speed of removing water.
  • Conti.eContact™ Hybrid cars. These are tires for summer use. The AeroFlex technology reduces the rolling resistance.
  • Conti.eContact™ Electric cars. These tires are intended for the summer. One of the main features is the aerodynamic design of the sidewalls.
  • ContiPremiumContact™ 2. These are summer tires. When braking, the pressure is distributed evenly across all blocks.
  • ContiEcoContact™ 3. These tires are used in the summer. The asymmetrical tread pattern ensures good contact with the road.
  • ContiSportContact™ 3. These tires are installed in the summer; retain stability when manoeuvring, particularly at high speeds.

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