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Pirelli Tyres

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Pirelli tires for passenger cars have been manufactured by the homonymous Italian company for over a hundred years. The company is based in Milan and is a supplier of tires for Formula 1 and Superbike World Championship.

4 facts about Pirelli

  1. The company was founded in 1872 in Milan by engineer Giovanni Battista Pirelli and was originally engaged in manufacturing and selling automobile fittings and other small parts made of rubber. In 1897 the company was granted a patent for the Flexus bicycle tires, and in 1901, it started producing automobile tires.
  2. Currently, the products of the company are sold in over 160 countries on all continents. The company ranks in the top five leaders of the industry by the scale of production.
  3. The manufacturer has 19 production sites in 13 countries, and a wide distribution network. The global research center and ten laboratories scattered around the world allow constantly improving tires quality.
  4. The products of the brand belong to the premium price segment.

Types of Pirelli tires for passenger cars

  • Winter. These include:
    • Ice Zero. Studded tires. The closely spaced blades have a positive effect on vehicle stability on slippery surfaces.
    • Ice Zero FR. These tires feature excellent traction. Due to the three-dimensional blades and the tread with the directional symmetrical pattern, melt snow is quickly removed.
    • Sottozero 3. The two wide longitudinal grooves and three-dimensional blades efficiently remover snow slush, and ensure a good grip.
    • Sottozero Serie 2. The asymmetric tread pattern has been designed with the use of the I. B. S. technology, which implies improved traction and braking properties.
    • Cinturato. These tires feature a large contact patch and a lot of small grooves that displace snow.
  • Summer. The catalogue of Pirelli tires for passenger cars contains the following items:
    • P Zero. These tires have low rolling resistance and excellent traction properties and are durable.
    • P Zero Rosso. These tires are intended for sports cars. The asymmetrical pattern contributes to vehicle directional stability in manoeuvring.
    • P Zero Corsa and Corsa System. These tires are mostly low profile. They are installed on sports cars and are suitable for the speeds up to 300 km/h. They ensure quick braking, instant response to steering commands, and maintain directional stability in manoeuvring.
    • P Zero Nero. They have three wide ribs with deep grooves for draining water. They don't lose any traction qualities on wet or dry asphalt.
    • Cinturato P7 and P1. These are Run Flat tires with reinforced inserts in the sidewalls for longer service life.
    • Cinturato P7 Blue. The wide blocks allow to evenly distribute pressure over the surface of the tread, which has a positive effect on fuel efficiency and the level of comfort.
  • All-season models Cinturato. These tires are made with the use of silicon compounds, which are wear resistant and feature short braking distances on both dry and wet roads.

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