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Nexen Tyres

Choosing from 700 high quality Nexen Passenger car tyres!
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Nexen tires for passenger cars are made by a Korean corporation based in cities Yangsan and Seoul in South Korea. The stylish appearance of the tires of the brand has been awarded prestigious prizes: America's IDEA Design, Germany's IF Design, Red Dot Design, and others.

5 facts about Nexen

  1. The company was founded in 1942 as Heung-A Tire Company. In 2000, it got its current name — Nexen Tire.
  2. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of tires in South Korea. The products are exported to 120 countries. These include the USA, China, and European countries.
  3. The company owns 4 plants in Yangsan and Changnyeong, South Korea, in Qingdao, China, and in Žatec, Czech Republic. Every year, at least 30 million tires are produced.
  4. Tires of the brand belong to the middle price segment.
  5. The manufacturer has research and development centers in the USA, China, and Germany. Ready tires are tested at the Dynamic Test Center. This allows the company to improve the products.

Types of Nexen tires for passenger cars

  • Summer. The lineup includes the following models:
    • N’Fera. SU1 and SU4 have 4 wide longitudinal grooves for fast water removal and reducing the risk of hydroplaning. N'fera SUR4G tires have a central rib that improves reaction to steering commands.
    • N Priz SH9i and SH9j. The three draining grooves efficiently remove moisture from the contact patch. They remain stable on wet pavement.
    • N'Blue Eco and HD Plus. They help reduce fuel consumption and maintain vehicle stability in maneuvering.
    • CP661. These tires emit minimum noise during operation.
    • N9000. The Z-shaped blades efficiently remove water, and the wide shoulder blocks ensure excellent steerability.
    • N8000. The asymmetric tread design has a positive effect on the grip on both dry and wet road.
    • N6000. The dual central rib stabilizes the vehicle in maneuvering.
  • Winguard. Winter tires are represented in the Nexen catalog of tires for passenger cars by the following models:
    • Sport 2. The directed symmetrical pattern and wide blades help remove melt snow.
    • Sport. The asymmetric pattern improves vehicle stability on slippery roads.
    • Winspike and Winspike WH-62. These tires have V-shaped blades for removing the slush.
    • Ice. These tires support vehicle directional stability on icy roads due to the presence of tread blocks with sharp edges.
    • Snow’G WH2. These tires ensure shorter braking distance even on dense snow.
  • All-season Nexen tires for passenger cars. They can be of the following types:
    • N'fera AU5 and AU7. These tires feature wear resistance and low noise.
    • CP661 and CP672. These are mostly high-profile tires. The rib in the center and the large contact patch with the road have a positive effect on stability.
    • N’Blue Eco. These tires make little noise and improve fuel efficiency.
    • N’Blue 4Season. Tread blocks with sharp edges ensure good traction on wet or snowy roads.
    • N Priz AH7, AH5, and AH8. These tires are virtually noiseless.
    • N7000Plus. Created with the use of silicon compounds that absorb noise and vibration.

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