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Hankook Tyres

Choosing from 700 high quality Hankook Passenger car tyres!
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Hankook tyres for passenger cars are manufactured by the South Korean company of the same name. The company owns factories in South Korea, China, Indonesia, Hungary, and the USA. The BMW 3 Series has been factory-fitted with this brand of tyres since 2012, and in 2013 the company became the original equipment supplier for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

5 facts about Hankook

  1. The manufacturing company was founded in 1941. At that time it was called Chosun Tire Company. It was the first Korean company to specialise in producing tyres.
  2. Its products are available in more than 180 countries. The company has sites in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
  3. The company is the seventh largest tyre manufacturer in the world. In 2017, the company produced 104 million tyres.
  4. This brand's products are in the mid-range price segment.
  5. The company has research centres in various parts of the world, including Japan and Germany.

The different types of Hankook tyres for passenger cars

Before purchasing Hankook tyres for passenger cars, you should be aware of the large number of product lines available:

  • Kinergy Eco и Eco2These are summer tyres that improve fuel efficiency. Reduction of noise and rolling resistance was a key focus of their design.
  • Kinergy 4SThis product line is made up of tyres with asymmetric, all-season tread patterns. They have good grip on snow-covered and wet roads.
  • Kinergy 4S2These all-season tyres have excellent traction in low temperatures and efficient water dispersal. They also ensure short stopping distances.
  • VentusThese are summer tyres, and are subdivided into:
    • S1 evoThese tyres are designed for sports cars. The advantage of these tyres is their combination of steel and nylon. This allows even distribution of pressure when manoeuvring.
    • S1 evo2Optimal heat transfer rate and fast steering response.
    • Prime2To improve road holding, the tread pattern has a jaguar tooth shaped design.
    • Prime3 These are tyres with a light but durable frame, which ensures safe driving even at high speeds. In 2018, the company took first place in the summer tyre test carried out by the German magazine Auto Bild. The specialists were particularly impressed with the short stopping distance.
    • V12 evoThe 3D block edges allow good handling and efficient braking.
    • V12 evo2 These have a wide contact patch, improved heat transfer, and a stylish appearance.
  • Optimo 4SThese are all-season tyres designed with wide steel belts to improve stability.
  • Optimo K415The centre rib is the distinguishing feature of these summer tyres. It has a positive effect on steerability and braking.
  • Optimo K715The reinforced shoulder area of these summer tyres gives them excellent stability.
  • Winter i*'ceptThese tyres retain their properties even in heavy frost. They are subdivided into the following types:
    • EvoThe 3D block edges prevent slipping on snow-covered or icy roads.
    • RS Some of the main advantages are the high acoustic comfort and low fuel consumption.
    • RS2These tyres disperse water efficiently and minimise the risk of aquaplaning.
    • Evo2 The wide design of the shoulder blocks allows immediate response when manoeuvring.

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