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Michelin Tyres

Choosing from 700 high quality Michelin Passenger car tyres!
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Michelin tiresfor passenger cars are made by the homonymous company with the headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The company owns many inventions, including radial tires.

7 facts about Michelin

  1. The company was founded in 1889 by brothers André and Edouard Etienne Michelin.
  2. Today, the company owns over 60 production sites in 17 countries.
  3. The company annually produces over 160 million Michelin tires for passenger cars. About 40% of them are sold in Europe.
  4. The company is a leader in manufacturing eco-friendly tires that save fuel.
  5. The products are developed according to the concept of Total Performance, which implies the use of inventions of the in-house research center.
  6. All products of the company belong to the premium price segment and ensure a high level of safety.
  7. The company is known not only as a tire manufacturer but also as the founder of the famous restaurant rating — "The Red Guide" (French Le Guide Rouge). It has been compiled since 1900.

Types of Michelin tires for passenger cars

  • Summer. The most popular are the following models:
    • Energy XM2. Extra-strong. Have wide grooves of various depths for efficient water removal. Contribute to better fuel efficiency.
    • Energy Saver. The use of the Eco Grip unique rubber compound contributes to better fuel efficiency. In addition, the tires feature stability due to the increased contact patch.
    • Primacy4. The water-draining grooves are wider by 22%, compared to analogs. This significantly reduces the risk of hydroplaning. These tires have wear indicators.
    • Pilot Sport4, Cup 2, and Sport4S. These tires are designed for sports cars. Most of them are suitable for operation at the speeds up to 300 km/h. Through the use of a combination of metal and nylon fibers, excellent steerability and efficient braking are achieved.
  • Winter. The Michelin tires catalog for passenger cars contains the following models:
    • Pilot Alpin. The blades are made of three different sizes and are arranged at an angle. This allows to quickly remove the snow mash from the contact patch, thus improving the grip.
    • Pilot Alpin 5. These tires reduce the braking distance on slippery roads. They are wear-resistant due to the presence of additional layers of the rubber compound.
    • Alpin 6. Their main feature is the presence of grooves for removing snow, which expand during the use. This way, even worn tires retain their properties.
    • X-Ice 3. Due to a large number of tread blocks, these tires ensure fast acceleration and short braking distance on snow-covered roads.
    • X-Ice North 4. These tires are fitted with many steel spikes and are suitable for icy road surfaces. The products ensure a high level of stability and steerability.
  • CrossClimate. All-season tires. Due to the symmetrical directional pattern, they quickly remove water. These tires have blades of two types: smooth for the grip on a dry clean surface, and blades with sharp edges for snow.

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