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      • SCORPVERAS-Tyres
        Pirelli off-road / 4x4 / SUV tyres
        SCORPVERAS 235/60 R18
        Pirelli SCORPVERAS summer tyres
        EU tyre label
        • Rolling resistance of SCORPVERAS tyres from Pirelli
        • SCORPVERAS tyres from Pirelli with a C testing grade
        • Excellent road grip of SCORPVERAS tyres
        • SCORPVERAS from Pirelli got a C grade - buy cheap now 
        • noise emission level of SCORPVERAS tyre from Pirelli
        • 71 db
        Price £ 141,79
        £ 127,61
        Save £ 14,18 + Free Shipping
      • Dueler H/P Sport-Tyres
        Bridgestone off-road / 4x4 / SUV tyres
        Dueler H/P Sport 235/55 R17
        Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport summer tyres
        EU tyre label
        • Rolling resistance of Dueler H/P Sport tyres from Bridgestone
        • Dueler H/P Sport tyres from Bridgestone with a C testing grade
        • Excellent road grip of Dueler H/P Sport tyres
        • Dueler H/P Sport from Bridgestone got a C grade - buy cheap now 
        • noise emission level of Dueler H/P Sport tyre from Bridgestone
        • 72 db
        Price £ 141,09
        £ 126,98
        Save £ 14,11 + Free Shipping
      • P-ZEROVOLN-Tyres
        Pirelli off-road / 4x4 / SUV tyres
        P-ZEROVOLN 265/35 R22
        Pirelli P-ZEROVOLN summer tyres
        EU tyre label
        • Rolling resistance of P-ZEROVOLN tyres from Pirelli
        • P-ZEROVOLN tyres from Pirelli with a C testing grade
        • Excellent road grip of P-ZEROVOLN tyres
        • P-ZEROVOLN from Pirelli got a A grade - buy cheap now 
        • noise emission level of P-ZEROVOLN tyre from Pirelli
        • 70 db
        Price £ 210,20
        £ 189,18
        Save £ 21,02 + Free Shipping
      • Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117-Tyres
        Hankook off-road / 4x4 / SUV tyres
        Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 235/60 R18
        Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 summer tyres
        EU tyre label
        • Rolling resistance of Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 tyres from Hankook
        • Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 tyres from Hankook with a C testing grade
        • Excellent road grip of Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 tyres
        • Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 from Hankook got a A grade - buy cheap now 
        • noise emission level of Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 tyre from Hankook
        • 72 db
        Price £ 127,06
        £ 114,35
        Save £ 12,71 + Free Shipping
      • H750AXL-Tyres
        Hankook off-road / 4x4 / SUV tyres
        H750AXL 255/55 R18
        Hankook H750AXL All-season tyres
        EU tyre label
        • Rolling resistance of H750AXL tyres from Hankook
        • H750AXL tyres from Hankook with a C testing grade
        • Excellent road grip of H750AXL tyres
        • H750AXL from Hankook got a B grade - buy cheap now 
        • noise emission level of H750AXL tyre from Hankook
        • 73 db
        Price £ 121,42
        £ 109,28
        Save £ 12,14 + Free Shipping

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      Tyres for SUVs and crossovers are intended to ensure safety and driving comfort on any type of road surface or in the off-road conditions. They have a durable design and a special tread pattern that guarantees high manoeuvrability in harsh conditions. 

      Features of tyres for SUVs and crossovers

      SUVs are usually heavier than passenger cars. They have more powerful engines and a higher payload. All this results in increased load on the tyres, and, therefore, the need to use special materials and technologies in production. Therefore, tyres for 4x4 vehicles usually have reinforced frame and a breaker, they are not prone to punctures, are less prone to destruction upon hitting an obstacle, and ensure greater vehicle stability when manoeuvring.

      In addition to the standard markings that are relevant for passenger car tyres, marking of tyres for SUV and crossovers has additional symbols. They indicate the operating conditions for a specific model of tyres, for example:

      • HP (High Performance). Intended for high-speed driving on highways. Silent and quite comfortable. They are made of soft rubber mix; therefore, they are prone to rapid wear. These tyres have a rigid frame reinforced by sidewalls and usually low profile. Usually, they have shallow asymmetric tread pattern with big blocks that ensures excellent grip both on dry and wet asphalt. These tyres are often included into the standard trim level of luxury vehicles, not just SUVs, but passenger cars as well. These tyres are NOT intended for off-road driving. 
      • ST (Sports Terrain). They have a lower speed rating than HP. However, due to the less stiff sidewalls, they are more comfortable. These tyres are used exclusively on highways.
      • HT (Highway Terrain). These tyres are USED mostly on highways, but can also be used on poor quality asphalt and on dirt roads. Not recommended for off-road driving. These tyres have shallow or medium depth tread pattern. The sidewalls are poorly protected. 
      • AT (All Terrain). These are universal tyres that show excellent properties both on asphalt and gravel roads and on light off-road. They have a rather thick tread with well-developed lugs and reinforced sidewall. These tyres cope well with sand, stones, and snow. 
      • MT (Mud Terrain). The tyres make it easy to overcome even the most difficult off-road: rut, clay, and marshland. They have an aggressive tread design with large blocks and powerful lugs. Not suitable for asphalt roads and high speeds, as these tyres are very noisy, and provide poor vehicle handling.

      3 tips for how to avoid mistakes when buying tyres for SUVs and crossovers

      1. Always buy tyres for SUV and crossovers with regard to their seasonality. For the summer, it is best to choose summer tyres, for the winter - winter tyres. All season tyres, though are universal, are inferior to both summer and winter tyres. They are ideal for the areas where winter temperatures do not fall below 0 °C. Note: tyres marked M+S (Mud & Snow) are not intended for cold winters, ice, and thick snow. They can be used from very early spring, when there is a lot of wet snow on the road, until late autumn, when the temperature of asphalt drops below zero, but there is still no ice on it. 
      2. Make sure that the parameters of the product meet the manufacturer's recommendations. Improper load index may result in tyre bursting when driving. Errors in choosing the diameter and the size result in a changing the vehicle center of gravity, may deteriorate steerability, and become the reason of a road accident.
      3. Check the production date of the tyres. It is applied on the sidewall in the form of four encircled digits. The first two digits show the month, and the following two - the year of manufacture. Do not buy tyres that have been stored for over 5 years: they become useless even without having been used.

      Autodoc.co.uk is a large online store of tyres for SUVs and crossovers

      Buying from us is profitable and convenient. And here's why:

      1. Thanks to the wide choice in our catalogue of tyres for SUVs and crossovers, you can easily find what you need.
      2. Our specialists will help you choose the product with regard to the technical requirements of your vehicle, operating conditions, and your driving behavior.
      3. We will prepare the order for delivery immediately after it is placed and paid for, and will arrange prompt delivery.
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