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When travelling in the car, pets can soil or even damage the seats upholstery. Special car seat covers for pets can help to avoid this. They simplify cleaning of the passenger compartment from dirt and hair significantly.

Types of pet car seat covers

These accessories differ in the production material. Particularly, it can be Oxford, polyvinyl chloride, Cordura, tarpaulin. The car accessories presented in catalogues fall into the following groups:

  • Covering a part of the passenger seat, for example, two thirds of it. With this accessory it is possible to accommodate not only a pet, but also a person. As a rule, items of this type are relatively inexpensive.
  • Fully covering the passenger seat. Your four-legged pet will be able to stay comfortable, and upholstery will be protected.
  • Transformative. In particular, you can choose an item which can cover the seat either completely or one-two thirds of it. When the product is laid out partially, there is also some space for one or two passengers. It is reasonable to buy such car accessory for a growing pet. The disadvantage is rather high price.

The products can be fixed:

  • To the rear seats only.
  • From the one side - to the rear, from the other - to the back part of the front seats. They look like hammocks. If you want, you can choose an item equipped with side walls for door protection.

Tips on pet car seat covers use

  1. Install the accessory and take care of it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction. As a rule, machine wash is possible. You should necessarily follow the recommended mode. Keep the accessory in a special case if it was sold in a kit with covers.
  2. Take into account that this product does not protect your pet against impacts during the trip. For this, you should use a standard safety belt and a special strap. Moreover, some manufacturers offer reliable pet carriers.
  3. During the cold season it is recommended to install the accessory, having warmed the passenger compartment beforehand.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

Only high-quality accessories for pets transportation are presented in our online-shop. Here you can buy pet car seat covers, pet carriers and other products just in a few clicks. AUTODOC specialists will process your online-order quickly and your package will be sent to you. If you manage to make your purchase when promotions are active, you can save more.

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