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Most of the pets are randomly moving in passenger compartment distracting the driver from the road during the trip. Pet carriers will help to solve this problem. They will restrain pet’s movements, but at the same time the animal will be able to find comfortable position inside the car. Due to this, the pet will be protected from impacts, and car upholstery - from soiling and scratches.

Types of pet carriers

Manufacturer’s catalogues present products which differ in construction and production material. The most popular are:

  • Soft-sided pet carriers and backpacks. Usually such products have a frame covered with durable breathable fabric, and mesh windows for good viewing. These accessories can be fixed to the seat with the help of a belt, and carried after the trip due to presence of a handle. They are designed for transportation of small pets.
  • Plastic kennels. They can be placed both in passenger and luggage compartments. Products are easily cleaned, often equipped with detachable water bowl. Some items have rollers and a long handle.
  • Metal crates. They provide perfect air circulation. Many devices are suitable even for transportation of large dogs, because they have a wide door. Plastic products are cheaper, metal ones are more durable.

Tips on pet carriers use

  1. Use the accessory that corresponds to your pet’s size. Manufacturers usually specify recommended weight parameters.
  2. Do not cover air vents.
  3. While transporting, the devices should be fixed securely. For this purpose, standard seat belts and fastenings on the carrier itself are usually used.
  4. During a long trip stop over from time to time to let your pet walk and drink. Ventilate your car.
  5. Clean the accessories in accordance to the manufacturer’s instruction. As a rule, removable textile covers can be machine-washed. Plastic and metal products should be wiped with a wet sponge.

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