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Brake Set, drum brakes for your car

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Learn more about Brake Set, drum brakes - operation method, diagnosis, causes of faults and replacement intervals.

Depressurization of braking mechanism cylinders occurs during vehicle longtime operation , it results in operating liquid leakage and air ingresses into system. This way braking shoes become dirty, their wear-out fastens. Replacement of drum brake shoes and cylinders kit is necessary in case if such defects were found.

How to detect depressurization of the drum brake shoes and cylinders kit

Pressurization loss in the system can be indicated by the following signs :

  • low braking efficiency;
  • pedal free movement range increasing;
  • brake fluid level warning indicator on the dashboard turns on;
  • sticking of brakes or their actuation only after a few pedal pressings;
  • trajectory deviation of car moving.

It is necessary to apply to the service station to perform complex diagnostics. It is advisable to entrust the checkup of the braking mechanism components to specialists. This procedure is performed with a help of special equipment. If needed, hydraulic system air bleed procedure will be performed and air will be removed from system at service station. Specialist will check the drum brake components visually, determine the wear-out rate, define seal elements deformation and braking shoes soiling with braking liquid. In case of brake cylinders depressurization and brake shoes wear-out, these components are to be replaced by kit. Simultaneous replacement of all components will help car owner to save funds and time to find the needed spare part.

Causes of the drum brake shoes and cylinders kit depressurization

Usually, defect appears because the lifetime of car parts has ended. Other causes of the system depressurizationcan be:

  • wear-out or damage of cylinder sealing bands;
  • usage of low quality braking liquid;
  • untimely maintenance.
How to prevent the drum brake shoes and cylinders kit depressurization

After an air inleakage due to the cylinders depressurization, piston seizure occurs, which leads to irregular brakes actuation and vehicle skidding. It is important to detect failure and replace the brake shoes and cylinders kit in right time to prevent this situation. Preventive procedures of such defects consist of the regular diagnostics of all drum brake components . Follow these recommendations in order to prevent system depressurization:

  • buy only components made of quality materials;
  • perform due-time braking fluid replacement;
  • do not neglect maintenance schedule.
How to select the drum brake shoes and cylinders kit

You need to pay attention to car manufacturer recommendations when buying spare parts kit for drum brake mechanism. Reliable braking system operation, comfort and safety of the driver can be provided only by purchasing high quality components suitable for your car brand and model. In our online-shop you will find a drum brake shoes and cylinders kit, which will serve you for long. AutoDoc company offers the widest range of products from well-known manufacturers. You won’t spend much time selecting car parts – user-friendly website interface will make your search easier, you will be able to find everything for car repairs in a few clicks. During that you can ask our technical support professionals any upcoming questions.

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