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Parking sensors are special devices which help to simplify the parking process. They inform the driver of obstacles on the way thus allowing to slow down in time. Using them is especially reasonable at nighttime and in confined spaces.

Operation principle

Systems of a standard design are equipped with sensors which emit ultrasonic waves and receive their reflection from obstacles. Information about the signal return speed is sent to the control unit. Based on these data it generates a message which is delivered to the driver via a warning device.

Also, there are models with a metallized adhesive antenna instead of ultrasonic sensors. It creates an electromagnetic field and reacts to its changes.

What are the types of parking sensors

Manufacturers offer systems with different warning methods:

  • Sound alarm. When a car approaches an obstacle, the device starts making rhythmic sounds. They get quicker as the distance to the obstacle gets less. When it is critical, the sound becomes solid.
  • Visual alarm. It can be:
    • LED. It is based on using different coloured lamps. The colour is changing from green to red while the car is approaching an object.
    • Numerical. The distance to the obstacle is displayed.
    • With an LCD. A schematic picture of the vehicle is displayed along with numerical values of distances to obstacles.
  • Combined. It is a combination of visual and sound alarms.

Models of parking sensors, featured in catalogues, differ in the number of sensors. Particularly, there can be 4, 6, 8. The radars can be located on the rear or front bumper, as well as on both. Most often they are placed on the rear bumper. Front sensors are often installed on high cars and vehicles with a long bonnet.

System elements can be connected to one another with wires. But there are wireless models where the connection between the control unit and a warning device is performed via radio signal.

Features of parking sensors usage

  1. Be sure to study the manufacturer’s instruction.
  2. Make sure that recommendations regarding the height of installation of system elements on the bumper are observed. If they are placed too low, the probability of false response is bigger. Placing them too high causes low objects to remain undetected.
  3. Clean the devices with a soft cloth, avoid using coarse abrasive materials.

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