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Car mobile phone and sat nav holders allow using gadgets on the road with comfort and prevent them from falling at manoeuvring. With these accessories, one can often not only fasten a device but also adjust its screen inclination for a convenient view.

What are the types of car mobile phone and sat nav holders

Depending on the design, devices can be mounted:

  • On the windscreen. Such devices are equipped with suction cups.
  • On air vents. Their design features a clip that secures the car accessory.
  • On the front panel. Manufacturers offer different installation methods: suction cups, clamps, adhesive backing.
  • On front seat headrests. Bolts are used for mounting. Due to such devices rear seat passengers can watch films comfortably, play or use gadgets in any other way.
  • On the steering wheel. They are equipped with a special strap.
  • In the lighter socket. Such designs offer a charging function.

The gadget can be secured with a:

  • Сlamp. As a rule, these have a bigger grip width, that’s why they are suitable for tablets.
  • Magnet. Often, such materials are used in mobile phone and smartphone holders because they hold these lightweight devices well.
  • Spring-loaded cradle which is adjusted to fit the exact device size. It secures the gadget reliably.

When choosing the accessory take into account its additional functions if any: its convenience and price depend on them. For example, some accessories can reproduce music stored in the smartphone or tablet memory via the car stereo system.

Features of usage

  1. Install the accessory so that it does not obstruct your view or interfere with car handling. It should not be located in the area of airbag deployment. Also, make sure that reading information on the screen is convenient for you. It is very important to place the sat nav holder correctly because the driver has to look at its display quite often.
  2. Remember that car accessories with a suction cup or adhesive backing should be placed on preliminary cleaned and dried surface.
  3. Observe the manufacturer’s recommendations on holder care. For example, some models shouldn’t be washed and others should be periodically wiped with a wet cloth.

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