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Talking on the phone holding the unit to your ear while driving is prohibited in all EU countries. A Bluetooth car kit, that pairs up with a smartphone, helps to receive and make calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Operation principle

Data is transmitted over radio waves of a limited range: 2.40 – 2.48 GHz. The connection between a smartphone and the device requires no cables and is performed regardless of physical obstacles. For example, you can make or receive a call without taking the device out of your pocket or a glove box. The sound signal can be output through a headset or speaker.

What are the types of Bluetooth car kits

According to design features, there are three types of such accessories:

  • Bluetooth earpiece. It is a compact and easy-to-use hands-free device, including a microphone and headphone. It is inexpensive and needs no installation. This accessory provides confidentiality of your conversations. Moreover, the device can be used outside the car. Many models are equipped with a volume control, buttons to accept or decline calls.
  • Portable loudspeaker. A speaker is used in such systems instead of a headphone. They are equipped with a built-in battery, which can be charged in a car 12V socket. They can be portable or require connection to the stock car audio system with a cable. Accessories of the second type are usually fastened on the front panel.
  • Full Bluetooth car kits. They are designed for permanent installation in the passenger compartment. They provide high-quality sound, but the price is not quite affordable. Usually, they include a microphone, holder for the device, speaker. Some models make use of the stock car audio system instead of the latter.

Portable devices include those made for specific models and universal ones. The first ones are compatible with phones of a certain brand only, while the second ones are suitable for most gadgets on the market.

The systems can be monophonic or designed for stereophonic sound. Also, they often have additional options, such as a built-in contact list, voice control function, possibility to sync several devices with the same piece of equipment.

Features of using Bluetooth car kits

  1. Installation of the portable kits doesn’t require special skills. One should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and take into account that the system should not interfere with vehicle control. It is better to contact professionals for installation of the built-in Bluetooth car kit.
  2. If your smartphone doesn’t recognize the device, it is recommended to check the gadget settings. It is possible that Bluetooth is turned off.
  3. Protect the accessories from moisture and high temperature. These factors have a negative effect on the electric circuitry inside the device and can cause a breakdown.

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