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Have you ever been in the situation where your mobile device turns off at the most inappropriate moment because of battery discharge? Car mobile phone chargers will help to avoid it. These compact devices will allow you to charge your smartphone, tablet or other device right in the passenger compartment.

Operation principle

Devices are working from the cigarette lighter socket fed by the car battery. Using them, you can charge your gadgets both during driving and at stops. These accessories contain a microcircuit transforming the car electrical system’s voltage (12 V) to the level appropriate for charging smartphones.

What are the types of car mobile phone chargers

The devices differ from one another in the following characteristics:

  • Design. USB adapters and devices with the built-in cable are presented in catalogues. The former can be either supplied with the removable cable or not. Some adapters have 2-3 sockets and can charge several devices at a time.
  • Current rate. It can be 1, 2 or 3.6 A.
  • Connector type. Generally, the devices are equipped with the micro-USB connector because it is suitable for most gadgets. Also in catalogues you can find devices with USB and mini-USB connectors, models with several connectors of different types, and special accessories designed for smartphones of certain brands.
  • Body material. As a rule, car mobile phone chargers are made of durable polymeric materials. Aluminum alloys and stainless steel can be used for production of some components of the device body. Moreover, some of the products have a titanium coating.
  • Equipment set. Some products are supplied with the cable, holder for the gadget, or other accessories.
  • Additional functions. Many manufacturers offer devices with the built-in voltmeter, amperemeter, thermometer. Also you can buy devices which are capable of  producing a warning sound signal in case of emergency voltage drop in the car electrical system.

Tips on car mobile phone chargers use

  1. Use the device as intended, in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Be sure that the charger voltage doesn’t exceed the value specified on your gadget’s battery. If the voltage is too high, both the accessory and the smartphone battery can get overheated and even get out of order.
  2. Take into account that in case of connecting two or more gadgets, the charging process will be slower. This is due to the fact that electric current is divided into several outputs.
  3. Store devices so as to prevent moisture ingress. Avoid their overheating.

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