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Tyre inflators make it fast and easy to get the required level of tyre pressure. As a rule, they come together with a hose and tyre pressure gauge. The latter can be bought separately and used not only to monitor the tyre pressure but also for testing other car systems.

Operating principle

A tyre inflator usually comprises a trigger mechanism, hose with a clip and a measuring instrument. It is powered by an air compressor. The clip of the hose fits the nipple. When the button is pushed, compressed air gets inside the tyre. The device shows real-time pressure readings. When the desired value is reached just release the button. If the parameter is higher than needed you can reduce it by pressing the corresponding valve.

What are the types of tyre inflators?

By intended purpose:

  • For passenger cars. They come together with a hose and measuring instrument with the lowest division value. They help to monitor even the slightest changes.
  • For commercial vehicles. They are supplied with an additional extension. These tools are intended for high loads.

By the material of the body:

  • Metal. They feature high durability.
  • Plastic. They have lightweight and are moisture-resistant.

What are the types of tyre pressure gauges

Most manufacturers offer the following kinds of tools:

  • Analogue. Inexpensive, feature a simple and reliable design but considered to be not very accurate.
  • Digital. Provide the most precise measurement readings. Sold at a high price. Sensitive to temperature changes and need occasional replacement of batteries.

Measuring instruments might have a rubber coating on their bodies. It produces a cushioning effect protecting the device from mechanical damage if it falls, for instance.

Tips on using tyre inflators and tyre pressure gauges

The order of the steps you take when using a device is specified by the manufacturer in the manual. Before you start, it is recommended to examine the tool.

Mind that both too low or high tyre pressure is always a risk of an accident. It is not recommended to measure the pressure right after the car has stopped: the readings might be inaccurate. Let the tyre cool down and only after that start pumping it.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

There is always a chance to get a good price on tyre inflators with tyre pressure gauges and air compressors. Contact AUTODOC specialists before you place an order. They will tell you everything about promotions of the products from this category and will also help you to find the most appropriate items from the catalogue.

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