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Wind deflectors are needed to lower windows during driving without feeling discomfort because of wind blowing into the cabin. They are mounted above door frames to redirect air current. Also they reduce quantity of water which gets into the cabin through open windows during raining.

What are the types of wind deflectors

In most cases the elements are sold in sets of 4 or 2 units. Manufacturers use different materials for their production:

  • Metal. Such constructions serve long. They often have chrome coating which looks great.
  • Plastics, acrylic glass particularly. Such accessories are durable, elastic and light, they withstand the influence of ultraviolet and low temperatures well. Some models are decorated with chromed moldings.

When ordering a product at an online-shop pay attention to accessories fastening method. They can be:

  • Insert-type. They are installed between the glass and rubber sealing, as a rule, with the help of metal fasteners. The main advantage of such variant is simplicity of mounting. Some accessories can lead to fast wear-out of window raiser elements.
  • Attachable. They are fastened with the help of a sticky element.They don’t obstruct operation of window raisers.They can serve long if the fastener is of high quality.

Features of wind deflectors use

  1. Set the devices on the car after purchasing. Make sure that they don’t cover a rear-view mirror and don’t worsen visibility.
  2. If you chose attachable accessories then prepare their mounting seats: clean and de-oil them. It is recommended to use alcohol wipes for deoiling.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Particularly, take into account recommendations concerning environmental temperature at which you should mount the elements.
  4. Check if wind deflectors are securely fixed. They can be torn-off during driving due to loose fastening. It is dangerous both for your vehicle and for other road users.
  5. Regularly wipe the accessories with a wet cloth. As a rule, they also withstand washing with a high-pressure cleaners well, but only if they were mounted in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  6. Don’t use the vehicle for a few hours after installing bonded elements. Moreover, it is not recommended to wash it for 72 hours after installation.

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