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It is recommended to buy ice scrapers for car body and windows care during hard frost. You will clean the car quickly and easily, without any damage to your vehicle.

Types of ice scrapers

By construction, there are such accessories:

  • Products of fixed length. They are not always convenient for cleaning hard-to-reach places. Their main advantage is reliability.
  • Products with extendable handle. They are especially convenient, for example, during the roof cleaning, especially for people who are not very tall and for owners of high vehicles. Some accessories of this category are characterized by rather low durability.

Selecting a product online, take into account, that many manufacturers provide it with additional elements. For instance, they can be:

  • Teeth. Large ice parts are cracked with their help.
  • Brushes for snow and ice removal. They are made of bristles of various stiffness. Often, it is easier to remove heavy layer of snow with the help of stiff accessories, while soft bristles clean the car body coating gently.
  • Waterproof glove. It helps to protect your hands from cold when working.
  • Heating element. It removes the necessity to press hard onto the glass, minimizing the risk to damage it. The heating accessories are supplied with a cable and operated from a cigarette lighter.
  • Built-in torch. It provides easier cleaning of car body at night time.

Manufacturers use various materials for body production, for instance:

  • Plastics. The products made of it are not characterized by durability and are sold at affordable prices.
  • ABS-plastic. It withstands impact of low temperatures well.
  • Polycarbonate. Accessories made of this material are easily used during a long time.

The products, presented in catalogues, also differ by material of the working surface. Particularly, it can be rubber, plastics or silicone.

Tips on ice scrapers use

  1. Clean the glasses in the evening, as it will be more difficult to perform it in the morning.
  2. Before working, start the car, set the heating mode and bend the windscreen wipers.
  3. Start cleaning from the side windows. The windscreen will get warmer with the help of turned-on heater. Thus, it will be easier for you to remove the ice coating.
  4. Try to avoid random movements, direct the accessory to the one side.
  5. Clean the working element regularly.
  6. If you are using the heating accessory, do not hold it at one area for more than two minutes. Do not place the tool into its storing space until it gets cold.

AUTODOC: convenient online shopping

You can choose scrapers for snow and ice removal, car cleaning cloths, wash sponges and a variety of other useful car accessories in our online-shop. If you need some advice, please, contact our support service specialists. They will gladly tell you not only the characteristics of products, but about active promotions as well. Order durable and convenient accessories in our shop, because it is easy and inexpensively.

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