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Ski bags are reliable means for protection equipment from mechanical damages and soiling when transportation. These accessories make transportation of sports equipment easier and prevent getting of dirt and water from them into the car cabin.

What are the types of ski bags

By material:

  • Textile. These are durable products which protect from dust well and cost relatively inexpensively. The category also includes accessories made of waterproof cloth, for example, nylon and polyester.
  • Leather. They are resistant to mechanical damages and also look great.
  • Plastic. As a rule these are reliable and capacious accessories which withstand impacts well.

You can find models for men and women in the catalogues; they differ from one another by design features. The first are usually made in classic dark colours, the second – in bright colour scheme.

Ski bags sizes vary in accordance with the length of equipment they are made for. This parameter lies in 165 – 210 cm range.

According to construction features:

  • Soft products without firm parts. They are often made for one person equipment.  These are light accessories which take minimum space in the car.
  • Devices with shockproof inserts. A soft filling is sewed into their lining along the whole length or just where the fasteners are located. It absorbs impacts, thus, protecting contents from damage.
  • Cases equipped with wheels for transportation. They house, as a rule, several ski pairs. Some cases allow to transport not only equipment but also sportswear.

Many models are completed with additional elements. The following are among them: pockets for glasses and gloves storing, eyelets for melt-water drainage, light-reflecting patches, straps for making the car accessory smaller, and others.

Features of ski bags use

  1. The devices can be used not only for transporting but also for equipment interseasonal storing. It is important to slightly open fasteners for better air circulation.
  2. You should care for the accessories according to the manufacturer’s instruction. The leather devices should be cleaned with the help of a wet soft cloth, textile – washed. Some models must be washed by hand.
  3. It is desirable to dry ski bags outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms. At the same time it is important to avoid direct sunlight because it can lead to material fading.

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