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Road driving safety depends on transparency of the windshield. Spots on its surface create distortions and flares, which worsen visibility. In order to avoid this, use car window cleaning brushes. The products have an affordable price and are simple in use. Thanks to them the vehicle will always have neat appearance.

What are the types of car window cleaning tools

Manufacturers’ catalogues include products with different working part materials. The accessories can be:

  • Foam. They have excellent water-absorbing capacity due to presence of pores. Often they are covered with a mesh, in order to add durability.
  • Made of microfiber. They remove even oily stains. Usually they are suitable not only for cleaning, but also for glass elements polishing. Often they have the shape of a sponge or glove. There are two types of such accessories:
    • smooth;
    • with bristle.

If you decided to buy car window cleaning tools, pay attention to a handle configuration. It can be:

  • Solid. These are highly durable accessories, which are inexpensive. They are not very efficient for rear window cleaning, especially that of high vehicles.
  • Telescopic. Using such automotive accessories one can even cover hard-to-reach places. Their construction is not reliable.

Also, you can buy online the accessory provided with a squeegee. It is a plate made of rubber or silicone, which efficiently remove water, leaving no stains.

Features of car window cleaning brushes

  1. Estimate degree of windows pollution. If it is insignificant, do not use chemical products.
  2. Windows tint should not be treated with a stiff car accessory.
  3. Wash the accessory in running water periodically, thus removing sand and other abrasive particles. They can damage the surface.
  4. Machine washing is prohibited for the accessories made of microfiber, as well as use bleach and softeners. Also such accessories shouldn’t be dried near heaters.

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