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Microfiber glass cleaning cloths are soft products, as a rule, made of polyester adding polyamide. Due to a special structure of material fibers they have high absorption capacity and are able to remove even oil stains without any special chemicals use. They do not leave micro scratches, stains, hair, do not bobble.

What are the types of microfiber glass cleaning cloths

According to material structure there are two types of the accessories:

  • Non-woven. They are created by fibers pressing method and have smooth texture. Often they are inexpensive and suitable for drying and polishing of glass surfaces.
  • Woven. These are accessories with terry texture. They are considered universal, used for wet cleaning, removing of moisture from surfaces and polishing.

In catalogues one can find accessories suitable for care of various car parts, as well as special accessories for windows sweating prevention. The latter are treated with a special agent, which prevents condensate formation.

Features of microfiber glass cleaning cloths use

  1. Use the accessories in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Consider the fact, that some products are not used together with washing agents.
  2. The accessories can be hand- or machine-washed with adding of a small amount of a neutral product: laundry detergent with low alkalinity or for colour fabrics. It is not recommended to use bleach or softeners, as they can damage the material structure.
  3. The accessories can be dried in a dryer or outdoors. Use of heating devices for this is prohibited. Ironing of the accessories is forbidden too.

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