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It is recommended to buy car interior cleaning brushes for vehicle interior care. In combination with proper chemical compounds they help to perform cleaning efficiently and carefully.

What are the types of car interior cleaning brushes

These accessories differ according to which elements they are used for. Thus, catalogues include the accessories for:

  • Mats and seats. As a rule, these are accessories with dense and stiff bristle.
  • Upholstery. Clean it without damaging is possible with the help of accessories with soft working part. Most often it is made of horsehair.
  • Leather seats. The products have soft natural hair, able to carefully remove even old dirt. They are also suitable for plastic and vinyl surfaces care.
  • Severely polluted mats and rubber parts. The functional element of these tools is made of metal or extra stiff nylon.
  • Front panel. These are the accessories with long and soft bristle.
  • Ventilation holes. These are the narrow tools with soft fibers.

Choosing a product online, pay attention to its construction. For example, there are models made in a shape of hourglass, which are comfortable to hold in hand. Double-sided brushes are sold also. Their working surfaces differ from each other by length and width of bristle.

Some tools are suitable not only for interior elements, but also for other car units. Particularly, one can buy universal models with natural fibers, which withstand influence of solvents and high temperatures well. The tool can be used, for instance, for convertible textile roof care and even tyres. The bristle is easily cleaned from soiling with the help of warm water.

Features of car interior cleaning brushes use

  1. Use these accessories with only those chemical products, which are suitable for exact parts care.
  2. Pay special attention using stiff hair accessories. Do not apply excessive force on them during work. Otherwise there is the risk to damage the treated surface.
  3. Clean the accessories when the procedure is done. Many of them should be simply shaken or washed under water.
  4. Select a clean and dry area for storing.

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