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Chamois leather for car detailing and its faux alternative efficiently remove dirt and polish surfaces, not leaving hair and scratches. Accessories made of these fabrics are widely used during cleaning of lacquer-and-paint coating, glasses and interior elements.

Types of car detailing chamois cloths

By production material the accessories can be:

  • Natural. They are perfect for polishing, as they leave no stains. These accessories are sold at relatively high prices, but are durable.
  • Faux. They absorb water and are successfully used for drying the surfaces, as well as after wet cleaning. The absorbing ability of various models differs. Usually, the cheaper the accessory, the less hygroscopy it has. Moreover, the low-end accessories usually wear-out very fast.

Usually, the accessories have square or rectangular form. They can also be offered in the form of gloves. Such accessories are fixed on one hand, which promotes more convenient use.

Tips on car detailing chamois cloths use

  1. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents, such as petrol and chloride, for chamois leather cleaning.  For its washing use only weak soap solution.
  2. Do not dry these car accessories under direct sunlight or near heating devices.
  3. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning storing of the accessories, in order to consider all the details. For instance, many products should remain wet in a closed tube.

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