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Car snow shovels are compact and simple in use devices with which one can clear a place on a parking lot or even pull out a car stuck in the snow. They are equipped with a short handle and a deep scoop-type blade.

What are the types of car snow shovels

The working element can be made of:

  • Plastic. Such items are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Their disadvantage is a rather low durability. Some models have a metal-framed cutting edge which makes them more sturdy.
  • Steel. These are rather heavy and durable tools. They are effective even for ice breaking.
  • Aluminium. These are lightweight yet sturdy items.

When choosing a tool in an online shop pay attention to blade sizes. For example, its length and width can be 35 and 22 or 30 and 27 cm accordingly. Shovel capacity depends on this values.

Handles are made of metal, plastics or wood. In most cases, metallic products have plastic or rubberized inserts. According to design, handles are divided into dismountable, folding and telescopic. Their length can be, for example, 63 or 90 cm. Some items found in catalogues come with practical storage bags.

Features of car snow shovel usage

  1. Use the accessory as intended and try not to gather too much snow at once.
  2. Store the tool clean and dry. Wipe it after working to remove dirt.
  3. If you chose a metal device, perform an anti-corrosion treatment to extend its service life.

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