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Tow ropes will help to pull out a car that got stuck off-road or tow it after a breakdown. These are ropes, 4 to 6 m long and with fastening elements on both ends.

What are the types of tow ropes

By material:

  • Metal. These are products braided from several steel cords. They feature excellent durability but are prone to corrosion. They are not elastic and are not always convenient to store because of this. Such accessories are suitable for towing only. It is prohibited to use them to pull out a stuck car: such ropes may tear when tugged at and damage the car.
  • Fabric. Usually, they are made of nylon, sisal, Manila hemp. You can order online a flat strap, for example, or a braided rope. They are compact and safe in case of tearing. An inconvenience of their usage is that the material is hygroscopic: after every use, such automotive accessories should be washed and dried.
  • Polypropylene. They are perfectly suitable for pulling a car out of snow or dirt. They are elasticized and can damp vehicle’s jolts. Their disadvantage lies in a fast wear-out under mechanical load.
  • Nylon. They have a high durability and can withstand significant loads whilst retaining their operational characteristics. They resist moisture and severe cold well.

You can buy accessories which differ in the type of fastening elements. Mostly these are loops, hooks or carabiners. Such products, offered in manufacturers’ catalogues, have a different pull capacity. You should choose the accessory capable of pulling from 150% to 300% of your car’s weight.

Features of tow ropes usage

  1. Examine the fasteners before towing. If they are deformed, you should contact a car recovery service. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction for attaching the accessory.
  2. If the location of car towing eyes allows this, fasten the tow rope diagonally: from the left eye on one car to the right one on the other. The risk of tearing the accessory is reduced to the minimum thanks to such fastening.
  3. Tie an accessory fitted with loops with a special knot, for example, a bowline knot.
  4. Store both metal and fabric products in a moisture-protected area. This way they will serve longer.

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