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Car window breaker can help to leave the vehicle after a road accident. This tool is used if the vehicle door can’t be opened. One breaks the window of the blocked door with it, in order to leave the car through the opening.

What are the types of car window breakers

  • Items to be stored in the passenger compartment. Often they have a bright colour, making them easy to spot in an emergency. Sometimes they come with a holder for fastening the tool, for instance, on a side of the driver’s seat.
  • Items with a keychain to carry them with you. They have a small size and weight. Often they are offered at an affordable price.

Usually, this accessory contains also a blade to cut the seat belt. Also, it can have additional built-in accessories. For instance, in catalogues, one can find breakers with an electronic tyre pressure gauge or a flashlight.

Features of car window breaker usage

  1. Carefully study the accessory usage recommendations. Place the product so that it is easily accessible in an emergency situation, for instance, on the side of the driver’s seat or underneath it. It is advisable to equip the car cabin with two breakers. Place the second one within sight of rear seat passengers.
  2. Shatters will form as you use the device. In order to avoid injuries, cover the head with the other hand, protect the eyes. If possible, wrap the working hand with fabric.
  3. Break the side window, moving from its centre to the edges. Hit the glass with the sharpened part of the tool. Then use the opposite side of the tool’s head.
  4. Do not try to break the windscreen: it is specially designed not to shatter, even if cracked.

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