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Steering wheel covers

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Steering wheel protectors: what you need to know

Car steering wheel covers allow to renew the car cabin, add style to it, also making vehicle handling more comfortable. These accessories will help to hide scuff marks and other defects of the steering wheel, also protecting this interior component from getting scuff marks in the future.

Types of car steering wheel covers

The accessories differ by method of mounting. Some of them are simply put on the steering wheel, others – laced. The first are attached simply, they can be quickly removed if necessary. The covers of second type are sold with needle and lace in package. The lace and needle are put through special holes, then the cover is stretched evenly. This provides reliable attachment, but takes some time.

Catalogues of manufacturers contain accessories of different form:

  • smooth;
  • with pads in areas where driver puts his hands.

Consider the accessory size when making online-order. Many manufacturers offer the following product groups, which differ by diameter:

  • S (35–37 cm);
  • M (37–38 cm);
  • L (39–40 cm);
  • XL (more than 40 cm).

The following materials are used in production:

  • Natural leather. It is highly wear-resistant and shows the car owner’s status.
  • PU leather. It presents the combination of natural leather and polyurethane. It has a relatively low price and looks excellent.
  • Plush. It is suitable for regions with cold climate, because it preserves hands’ warmth.
  • Polyvinyl chloride. It is resistant to high temperature and excessive humidity. Produce made of such material is simple in care and inexpensive.
  • Microfiber. It is suitable for allergic people. It doesn’t dim even after extended time period.

Tips on use of car steering wheel covers

  1. The accessory should be mounted and took care of in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.
  2. It is recommended to put on the cover at room temperature. In winter it is better to turn on the car heating. If necessary, the product can be heated with a heat gun: this will make it more elastic.
  3. It is advisable to mount the accessory starting from the upper part of steering wheel.
  4. The steering wheel cover should not trouble the access to control buttons.
  5. After putting the accessory on, you need to make sure that changed thickness and texture of the steering wheel will not trouble the comfortable vehicle handling.

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