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Travel neck pillows are made specially for you to feel comfortable during long trips or in traffic jams. The accessories provide correct position of the head, working as additional support. With the help of them, you will get rid of unpleasant feelings related to muscular rigidity in the cervical spine and failure of blood circulation. The products also perform protective function, preventing your head from lagging behind in case of road accident.

Types of travel neck pillows

By form, there are the following products:

  • Rectangular items and accessories made as bolsters. They are located between the head restraints and the backrest. They are fastened with the help of belts or elastic bands, so that the head of a person is in the comfortable position. Particularly, the accessories provide the support by resting against the back trapezius muscles. Thus, the upper body part remains relaxed.
  • U-shaped items. Their form resembles a horseshoe; they are held on the neck, embracing it. They can make head turn a bit more difficult, that is why it is recommended to use such devices only by passengers.

Soft, wearproof and easy-care materials are used for travel neck pillow covers. Genuine or PU leather, velour, polyester, cotton sheeting and others are among them. For inner filling the following materials are usually used:

  • Holofiber. It is soft and elastic material which possesses anti-allergic properties and good heat insulation.
  • Buckwheat hulls. It is eco-friendly product with great orthopedic characteristics. This product is characterized by low thermal conductivity due to which it is warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Latex. This is easy-to-use and hypoallergenic material. It follows the shape of a person head and quickly recovers into its initial position.
  • Polyester pellets. Accessories with such filler are relatively cheap. To recover them into the initial position after use, it is enough to shake them.
  • Viscoelastic polyurethane foam. This is elastic material with the memory effect. It relaxes muscles and relieves stress greatly.

In catalogues you can also find the accessories with massage devices installed inside. Such products not only provide support but also massage neck bones. It is recommended to use them for spinal disease prevention.

Tips on travel neck pillows use

  1. Bolsters and rectangular products should be securely fastened to the seat so as they do not move during driving. Most accessories can be used not only in a car, but also in office, airplane, train, etc.
  2. Care for travel neck pillows includes performing of dry cleaning every 2–4 months and in case the soiling appears. Removable textile covers should be regularly machine-washed according to manufacturer’s recommendations, while leather accessories should be cleaned with the help of special agents.
  3. It is necessary to protect the products from mechanical damage and negative impact of high temperatures. If you leave your car in the street in hot sunny weather, you should cover the accessory.

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