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Mounting pastes are used for fast and easy installation of parts. And they make the further dismantling easier as well. They also serve as a lubricant and protect the treated units and assemblies from the impacts of moisture and aggressive chemicals. Also they improve heat dissipation.

What are the types of mounting pastes

These products differ in the intended purpose. The most common are pastes for:

  • Tyres. Such pastes improve the adhesion of tyres to wheel rims and ensure tight fitting. They prevent tyres from sticking and slipping.
  • Muffler. Such pastes help to seal joints, can be used as sealants for flange connections. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and characterised by resistance to vibrations and gas tightness.
  • Bearings. Such pastes protect parts from corrosion and prevent their abrasive wear. They ensure smooth rotation of moving parts.
  • Braking system. Such pastes preserve their properties even at extremely high temperatures, sometimes, up to +1200 °С. They are resistant to impacts of moisture and road chemicals. They also ensure silent operation of braking mechanisms.
  • Engine. Such pastes protect engine parts from dry friction when it is started right after its assembly. They are completely oil-soluble.

Features of using mounting pastes

  1. Before you start, check the instruction for the procedure. For example, tyre mounting pastes have to be diluted before using them and, what is more, the ratio can be different for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Some chemicals have to be watered occasionally to preserve their elasticity.
  2. Clean the surface from dirt, old lubricant residues and corrosion products. Contamination can be bad not only for the adhesion but also has an abrasive impact on moving mechanisms.
  3. Use brushes, paint brushes or cloth to apply the chemical. Most often, the paste mustn’t be rubbed in.
  4. Mind that some products need heating to polymerize completely.

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