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Radiator sealant helps to remove leaks in the cooling system quickly. It is used to eliminate small cracks, through holes, metal porosity.

What are the types of cooling system sealants

  • Powder. Their composition includes components that swell after exposure to the working fluid. They create a kind of a plug that prevents leakage.
  • Polymer. They cure under contact with oxygen in the leakage areas

Features of usage and selecting the best radiator stop leak

  1. Some types of such products can be used only for small leaks as a temporary measure, for instance, to get to a car service station. The cooling system will have to be thoroughly flushed after this. Otherwise, the throughput capacity of the channels and pipes may be impaired, which will lead to lowering the heat-exchange efficiency causing overheating of the power unit. But there are radiator sealants with long-term action. They do not affect operation of the cooling system, as they are activated only when leaking out, that is why they can be used not only for repair, but as a preliminary measure. Take these details into account when choosing this type of car chemicals
  2. Study the instruction on the product package and follow it strictly. Some compounds harden only with the engine running, others – after it stops. The time for engine idling varies between 5 and 20 minutes. Sometimes, manufacturers of car chemicals make additional requirements
  3. The product is poured into the engine radiator that has been warmed up to the working temperature. But before unscrewing the cap, wait for the cooling system pressure to reduce, so as not to get burned. When the product is filled directly into the expansion tank, it is recommended to drain a few litres of the cooling liquid, and then pour it back, so as to provide sufficient mixing
  4. The product pack should be shaken well before use
  5. Be sure to always add the product in the amount, specified by the manufacturer
  6. The components, included in this car chemical product are dangerous for eyesight. That is why you should act carefully and calmly when using it; it is also advisable to use some protective gear

AUTODOC: convenient online-shopping

Buy the radiator sealant and always keep it at hand to save yourself the trouble if leaks appear. It is easy to get lost in the wide range of sealants offered by AUTODOC online-shop. Contact our specialists to avoid wasting much time for selecting the most appropriate product – they are always glad to help.

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