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Technical sprays are special chemical agents intended for protection, maintenance and repairs of car assemblies and parts. They perform various functions: protect car components from aggressive environmental factors, allow eliminating different types of contamination, help to prepare the surface for paintwork, serve to make installation and dismantling of car parts easier, etc.

What are the types of technical sprays

Depending on the application area:

  • Multi-purpose. They are used to solve several tasks at once and are suitable for many materials. These products include, for instance, different lubricants that do not only reduce the friction coefficient of parts but also protect them from corrosion, make installation and dismantling of threaded fasteners easier, function as insulation.
  • For specific purposes. These, usually, perform only a certain function. Engine starting sprays and leak detection products belong to this type of goods.

Depending on the functions performed, the most common products are:

  • Cleaning. They remove various contaminants from plastic, metal, leather and fabric surfaces.
  • Protective. These inhibit or prevent rusting of metal parts and remove the signs of already existing damage. Such products protect the treated surfaces from adverse environmental effects. Some can prevent rubber or plastic elements, leather components from over-drying and cracking.
  • Degreasing. One needs them for removing oily deposits before glueing, painting or anti-corrosion treatment of surfaces.
  • Cooling. With them, installation and dismantling of bearings, shafts, pistons and other parts that need to be fitted snugly are easier.
  • Lubricating. They form a protective film on parts’ surfaces and ensure their smooth sliding.
  • Sealing. One may use them for emergency removal of leaks in hard-to-reach places. These products are intended for assemblies operating under slight pressure such as the gearbox, rocker cover, oil pan.
  • Adjusting. They modify the performance of units and assemblies.
  • Decorative. These are used to paint the body and other interior and exterior elements.
  • For testing. They will help to detect leakage of operating fluids or air and check the tightness of the body.

By the compatibility with materials, there are technical sprays for metal, plastic, painted parts, windows, rubber, vinyl and leather components, for fabrics.

Features of using technical sprays

  1. Shake the spray can well before using. The agent should be sprayed from the distance stated in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. For a spot-on application of a technical spray and processing of hard-to-reach places, use a special nozzle. As a rule, it is supplied with the product.
  3. Follow the procedure recommended by the manufacturer of automotive chemicals. The exposure time of the compound, the number of layers applied, compatibility with different materials and other important information must be stated on the label.
  4. Observe safety precautions. As a rule, it is forbidden to spray the product near an open fire. It is not allowed to store them in direct sunlight or near heating appliances.
  5. Do not breath in the spray. Avoid getting it into your eyes and onto your skin. Use personal protective equipment.

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