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All-purpose sealants are compounds made on the basis of polymers. They stop moisture and dirt from penetrating inside various joints and prevent leakage of working fluids. They can be used as an alternative to gaskets or together with them.

What types are there

According to the active substance, there are:

  • Silicone sealants. They are suitable for sealing large gaps and feature fast curing, can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Polyurethane. They are notable for high elasticity. They allow to bond parts made of various materials.
  • Dimethacrylate. They are also known as anaerobic. They cure in the absence of oxygen. These sealants are often used to make threaded joints and small gaps air-tight.

By characteristics:

  • Heat-resistant. They preserve operational characteristics at temperatures up to 300°C.
  • Petrol-resistant. They are used in units directly contacting with fuel.
  • Oil-resistant. They do not degrade when exposed to the lubricant.

Features of all-purpose sealants usage

  1. Remove dirt and grease from the surfaces which are to be treated.
  2. For better adhesion, spread the sealant onto the surface of only one of the bonded components.
  3. Do not apply too much product: its excesses after polymerization may, for example, get into the engine lubrication system and cause a fault.
  4. Follow the time intervals, specified in the instruction. Some products require parts to be mounted right after the sealant has been applied. In other cases, you will have to wait for a few minutes.

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