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Exhaust sealants are used for removing small damages in the car exhaust system. They protect joints from external influence. They can be used during mounting and repair.

What are the types of exhaust sealants

By composition:

  • Ceramic. They are made on the basis of sodium silicate with extra components added. They withstand temperatures up to 1400 °С. These sealants are suitable for removing small holes and cracks in the exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, resonator. They can be used to seal joints. They are not suitable for joints subjected to strong vibrations
  • Silicone. They feature higher elasticity after hardening, withstand excessive vibrations. These sealants are designed for temperatures of about 300–320 °С. For instance, they are used for tightening the joint between the silencer and resonator

Tips on exhaust sealants usage

  1. Always select the product according to the severity, specifics and location of damages. Contact a specialist for this.
  2. Always buy exhaust sealants from leading manufacturers. Poor-quality products don’t perform their functions and can cause extra expenses.
  3. Follow the recommendations of car chemicals manufacturer. Pastes, sealing compounds and cements may differ in methods of application and curing time.
  4. Apply the compound on the surface that has been preliminary cleaned from dirt, oil and rust.
  5. Use a steel patch in order to remove large area damages.
  6. Work in a well-ventilated room. Use a protective gear

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