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Regular use of wash cleaners and exterior care products protects the car body from premature destruction. Special chemical compounds are used to remove dirt fast and easy as well as to restore the original look of the parts.

Types of wash cleaners and exterior care products

By operating principle:

  • Cleaning. These are car shampoos and products that help to eliminate insects, bitumen or oil stains.
  • Protective. These include shampoos with corrosion inhibitors, polishes. They form a durable film on the surface of treated parts which repels water and dirt and prevents the paintwork from becoming dull. In the catalogues of some manufacturers, there are special sprays that repel rodents: these products do not contain any toxic substances but give off the smell that animals don’t like.
  • Restoring. This category includes fine abrasive polishing compounds. They are used to eliminate scratches, scuff marks and other small defects.

Depending on their purpose these products can be used for:

  • Paintwork. They are used for treating body panels, doors and other painted areas.
  • Plastic parts. Many of them help, for example, not only to clean the lamps but also to make them clearer. They are suitable for treating parts made of plastic and plexiglass.
  • Metal elements. They are ideal for chrome and aluminium elements including wheel trims. Such cleaners remove dirt and corrosion.
  • Windows. They are used for cleaning car windows and mirrors.

Tips on use of wash cleaners and exterior care products

  1. Before commencing any work read the instruction and make sure the product can be used for target material.
  2. Minor impurities should be washed with shampoo. Do not use powerful stain removers unless it is really necessary. This way you’ll extend the parts’ lifespan.
  3. Impurities of organic origin should be removed immediately, especially if it’s hot. They enter into reaction with the paintwork and cause irreversible changes in its structure.
  4. Use wash cleaners and exterior care products together with special equipment and accessories. For example, sponges with large pores or microfiber brushes are suitable for painted surfaces. They absorb sand and other abrasive particles protecting surfaces from scratching. It is better to clean wheel trims with hard brushes. It is convenient to use special streak-free cloths to clean mirrors.

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