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RAL paints can now be found in the catalogue of almost every manufacturer of automotive chemicals. Buying it, you can easily choose the tint you need which is especially convenient if you shop online. Each colour tint is marked with its own numeric code.

What are the types of RAL paints

The RAL standards were approved as early as in 1927 by RAL German Institute for Quality assurance and Certification. Since then, new colours have been constantly added to the list. Different tints are grouped by categories in it. The following collections of RAL paints are used for painting cars:

  • Classic. It was introduced in 1927. It has 213 gloss and matte colours including 17 metallic ones. This collection is mainly used for varnishes and powder paints as well as for car enamels.
  • Effect. This one appeared in 2007. It includes 420 matte and 70 metallic colours. RAL numbers from this collection are used to label environment-friendly waterborne paints.
  • F9. It contains colours used for camouflage.

Peculiarities of choosing a RAL paint

  1. In order to find the same tint of colour your car has, you’ll have to find the corresponding RAL number in the user manual or VIN plate. The latter can be found on the boot or bonnet lid, fuel flap, door post or the door itself.
  2. If you thinking of painting your car another colour, you should bear in mind that colours look different on the screen. Therefore, before you order RAL paints, have a look at the actual colour palette and write down the number of the tint you like.
  3. Changing your car colour dramatically, mind that dark colours suit better countries with a cold climate and light ones are better for hot places. Gloss coatings are easy to polish and they look brighter. However, matte coatings allow concealing slight damage.

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