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Paint thinners are chemical agents based on volatile components which are used to reduce the viscosity of paints. Apart from that, with their help, it is easy to clean tools which are used for painting.

What are the types of paint thinners

  • Single-component. As a rule, they are specialized and can be used only with certain kinds of materials. They have excellent performance characteristics.
  • Multi-component. Universal products, compatible with paints of different types. Not as effective as single-component.

Depending on the intended purpose, paint thinners can be for:

  • cellulose-based compounds;
  • acrylic-based materials;
  • products containing alkyds.

Depending on the evaporation time:

  • Standard. The most widely spread. Ensure the curing of paint or lacquer at the temperature of +20-25 °C.
  • Fast evaporating. Characterised by a high degree of volatility. Suitable for spot repairs as well as for treating the body at the outside temperature below +20 °C.
  • Slow evaporating. Characterised by a low speed of evaporation. Recommended for use at the temperature above +25 °C.

Features of using paint thinners

  1. When mixing, observe the proportion specified by the manufacturer on the package
  2. Do not add too much product in order to slow down the process of drying, for instance. This will lead to significant shrinkage of the coating and worsening of its quality
  3. Don’t mix quick action hardeners with slow evaporating thinners. This can cause defects in the paintwork. On the other hand, it is possible to use, for example, slow evaporating thinners with standard hardeners.
  1. Works should be done in a well-ventilated room. Use special equipment to protect your eyes, skin, breathing organs as these substances are toxic.
  1. Observe the fire safety regulations: these products often contain flammable components.

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